About Us

GES, Gabionet Environment Solution is a pioneer and leading producer of geo synthetic technology products for the construction and environment industry application. Our products fully comply with the international quality and environment standards. Supported with a team of knowledgeable individuals and a broad portfolio of a quality assured material specifications, we at GES take pride in working with our valued and satisfied clients. We support in developing value engineered scheme from budgetary conception to final design and on –site support with due consideration of durability needs and program time.

Our products comply fully with our industry’s quality and environmental standards. We’re there to give you the confidence that your project will be successful and the satisfaction of a job well done. Our after sales service managers will regularly communicate with our customers after the delivery to keep track of the products performance so that any product issues can be handled promptly.


We recognise that long-term success means working in an efficient and responsible manner every day as well as constantly seeking new ways to ensure sustainability well into the future. We are guided by a philosophy to produce safe, sustainable materials that meet the country’s demand for development in environment sensitive solution, but in a way which continually seeks to reduce any impact on our environment.


To pursue all innovations in our sector to produce fast and high quality products, to exceed customer expectations for the products that we are manufacturing and with our dynamic and effective company structure we are aiming to be one of the leading companies in domestic and international markets in our field of manufacturing.


Occupational health and safety
Enthusiastic, and devoted team working
To become beneficial for our customers, workers and shareholders
To regard trained, experienced and participant labor as the most important essence
To rely on constant improvement, innovations and chancing in a positive way
Environment friendly productions